Create user centered products
with market impact

We are a full service product development team working with market driven innovation. With dedication, competence and experience covering all stages of the process, we act as your extended development department, your partner or your support.

User experience and the business growth of our clients is emphasized in our work to create products that succeed in the market. For each project, we gather a team of specialists with expertise that meet your requirements and needs.

About Scalae

 Scalae is a service within Altran which performs product development projects that clients have outsourced partly or completely. With a user centered approach we help our clients grow, strengthen their brand and build long lasting relationships with their customers.

Each product development project is unique. The different needs of our clients require a flexible organization with a solid foundation. With an inspiring work place, proven process, extensive teamwork and the right expertise we create products and services that positively impact people´s lives in a complex and fast changing environment. To assure accuracy and reliability in deliveries we are certified according to ISO9001 and ISO13485.

Whether you are a large organization or a small start-up company we are interested to hear more about your ideas and challenges. You might need to find out how your product is perceived by users, find solutions for a technical challenge or develop a new product. If your ambition matches ours: To create great products and to grow business, then you should give us a call.


We work within all businesses and our clients are both large companies and small start-ups.

Lung System – Vivoline LS2

Bluetooth Headset – Jabra Motion

Biogas measuring unit – Mu-Flow

Lifting Tool – V28 & V42

Rebar Tier – Knut 39

Sterile air zone unit – Steristay

Telescopic ladder – Telesteps Pro

Vacuum Matress – EasyFix


With our key competences working side by side, we communicate and collaborate from the start to the end of the process. This means more efficient work, keeping right focus throughout the project and insight from the start for the whole team.