Our core competences are working side by side

Enthusiastic team players

We have a curious mindset and enjoy to learn from and share knowledge with each other and our clients. Working in teams in a multidisciplinary and open environment is an asset in many aspects. Collaboration from the start moves the project forward efficiently and involving all team members at an early stage gives a deeper understanding of possibilities and challenges.

Composed teams

Each project is unique and to suit the needs of our clients, we compile a team with the right expertise when starting the process. We know which competences that are needed to achieve a complete product development project and that the best result is reached when all competences work together.


  • Design Research
  • Industrial Design
  • Mechanical Design
  • Electronic Design
  • Software Design
  • In-House Project Management
  • Advanced Assembly
  • Quality Assurance & Control
  • Market Communication

Our competences:


Design Research

Real insight in user and market requirements minimizes risks and paves the road to successful launch.

The core of Design Research is to find out what the users actually wants by studying and analyzing their needs and the context of the product. We investigate how, where and under what conditions persons use products and how they feel about the usage and situation.

The work is done to minimize risk in product development, knowing the actual requirements of users before moving further into the development process.


  • User Research and Analysis
  • Market analysis
  • Competitor analysis
  • Market positioning
  • Future technology studies
  • Trend analysis
  • Business intelligence


Industrial Design

Focus on the user drives creativity and ensures results that reach high expectations.

With industrial design, we push boundaries and have the ability to create and visualize visions for the future. We work from a user perspective and will make a difference in any phase of the product development chain.

Industrial design projects set guidelines for successful products. Commissions vary from creating concepts for senior safety products to complete development of form and functions for electric hand tools. A close collaboration with our team of mechanical engineers ensures feasible design solutions.


  • Design strategy
  • Design research
  • Product design
  • Surface modelling
  • Visualization
  • Interface design
  • Technical illustrations


Mechanical Design

Combining technologies into concrete solutions to take concepts from vision to reality.

Through mechanical design we create the link between vision and reality. We make innovative, efficient and profitable solutions through advanced calculations and knowledge about materials and production methods.

We do all kinds of projects, spanning from future concepts for minimizing weight and cost in heavy industrial products, to mechanical design of small waterproof wearables and we often work at the forefront of development.


  • Mechanical Design
  • CAD modelling
  • Drawings
  • FEM analysis and calculations
  • Functional models
  • Testing
  • CE-marking
  • Manufacturing preparation


Electronic Design

Setting up the base for connecting digital systems and physical solutions, creating communicative products.

Well designed hardware solutions gives both benefits for the overall product experience and forms the base for well integrated software.

Within electronic design we work in teams to create advanced solutions, including applications for measurement, control and communication.


  • Hardware architecture
  • Circuit design
  • Simulations
  • PCB-cad
  • Prototyping


Software Design

Writing the rules for communication between the digital and physical world.

The close collaboration between our electronic and software experts is a strong asset when creating innovative and reliable interactive products.

We work in teams with experience from large-scale projects and different businesses such as telecom, medtech and the energy sector. Following structured work processes to achieve solutions that meets the high demands of international standards.


  • Software architecture
  • Programming
  • Integration test
  • Real time systems
  • Signal processing


In-house Project Management

Building up the framework that holds all the parts of a project together ensuring that everything runs according to plans.

To ensure the quality and timeframe of a project there is often a need for coordination.

Our in-house project managers handles information between co-workers, clients , tasks, time and budget , keeping the project together. The work they do is crucial for the team to focus on their tasks and to keep all involved persons up to date.


  • Project coordination
  • Resource management
  • Time management
  • Delivery responsibility
  • Client responsibility


Advanced Assembly

Planning and precision to manage orders spanning from prototypes to full service production.

In our in-house assembly workshop, we handle everything from small prototype runs to larger production series. We make deliveries directly to end customers and have a flexible logistics service spanning from sourcing to delivery.

The various commissions involve both precision work where we solder delicate components and testing of sensitive biotech equipment to heavy duty assembly of lifting tools.


  • 0-series
  • Prototypes
  • Serial production
  • Production logistics
  • Control of material
  • Technical testing
  • Purchasing

Competences_Quality Assurance Control 6

Quality Assurance and Control

Constant work with structure and routines gives safety within the process.

We perform extensive testing as an integrated part of the product development process. The objective is to ensure high product quality at an early stage. By actively promoting an integrated role in testing and qualification, lead times and technical risks within projects can be minimized.

We are certified according to ISO 13485 and ISO 9001 which means that everything we do is quality assured and that our processes are constantly improved.


  • Customized test plan
  • Clarification of requirements
  • Standards & operational profile
  • Professional reporting

Competenses_Market Communication 3

Market communication

Visualize and simplify information to reach the intended audience and strengthen the brands of clients.

Communication is important both when addressing customers or partners and within organizations. Wherever you need to convince, test or establish confidence in your ideas or products.

When creating material for communication we work holistically, with the content, sender and recipient in focus to make sure the message is clearly presented.


  • Visualization
  • User manuals
  • Market launch material